Ogane and Benten-do (at Engaku-ji)

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Engakuji's Bonsho (bell) is located at the top of a hill named Ogane (big bell), which is a national treasure as well as Kencho-ji's one.

It is the biggest bell in Kamakura.

There is Benten-do next to Ogane, which enshrines Benzaiten (Sarasvatī). It was established when Ogane was made, because Enoshima Benzaiten blessed Ogane.Although it is written since 1301 when bell had been completed, Ogane-sai (Ogane festival) is performing every 61 years, but previously it was held in 1965 and next time it will be held in 2020 according to the internet. I'm not sure how to calculate when the festival should be held.

There is a teahouse next to Benten-do. you can take a break while enjoying a wounderful view here. Tokei-ji, which located at opposite side of Yokosuka line looks good.