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Choju-ji is one of the Tatchus of Kencho-ji, but it's not located in precincts of Kencho-ji. It is located nearer to Kita-Kamakura Station than Kencho-ji.

Choju-ji is opened to public only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday of April, May, June, October, and November. Entering from an entrance between the main hall and drawing room, you can see inside of building. The building is new, so you may feel visiting someone's house, not a temple.

View of garden from drawing room or small room at back is very nice. There is a road wihch buses go through near here, but it's very quiet. While looking garden, my heart was calm and stay another world.

There is Kannon-do at the corner of the garden, which was moved and remodeled from Enjo-ji, Nara in the Taisho era. Originally it was built in Muromachi period.

There is a grave of the Ashikaga Takauji at the hill, where his hair of the deceased was burried.