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There is Somon of Engaku-ji just in front of the Kita-Kamakura Station. In the very large precincts, there is Sanmon, Butsuden (Main hall), and a lot of Tatchu. Tatchu is child small hall of the temple.

Enkaku-ji was built for the remembrace of the war dead of Mongol invasion by Hojo Tokimune, who is the eighth regent of Kamakura Shogunate. Kencho-ji was built by Hojo Tokiyori, who is a father of Tokimune.

Up the stairs from the street side of the Yokosuka Line, enter the Somon. Paying admission fee here, and you will see great Sanmon.

There is a guide map of the Engaku-ji on your left side. There are many places to look, you may waver where you go first. Many tourists come here. But they seem not to go Ryuin-an, for example.

I created other pages for Tatchu and other halls of Engaku-ji.