Hanzo-bo (in Kencho-ji)

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Hanzo-bo is a shrine in Kencho-ji, where in the mountain of the far end of Kencho-ji.

One day of Meiji era, a priest of Kencho-ji dreamed of looking an old man who seemed to be half priest. Then, the priest asked Hoko-ji in Shizuoka for 'bunrei' (re-enshrined somewhere else) of Hanzo-bo which is enshrined at Hoko-ji as a guardian of Kencho-ji.

Hanzo-bo is located at the far end of Kencho-ji, and you need to go up a lot of stairs. On the way, I found pink flowers of Himetsurusoba (Pink knotweed) blooming both side of an approach. Going up the stairs, there is a maple tree. Further going, there are some Tengu statues.

After praying in the main hall of Hanzo-bo, further up the mauntain, there is a place to enjoy a beautiful view. From there, you'll see Kencho-ji's buildings such as Sanmon, Butsuden, etc. You'll also see sea in Kamakura in the distance.

You can go along the road leading towards Kamakura as hiking trails to go to Zuisen-ji, or Kakuon-ji.