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Jokomyo-ji is located on the way a little bit north from Yokosuka Line crossing between Jufuku-ji and Eisho-ji. You should check the map.

Main hall is also called Amida-do, and there is a Amida Sanzon Zo, which is one of important cultural porperties. Admission fee is needed to see Amida-do, it is open to public only 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 16:00 of Thurseday, Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays. Staff of temple is explaining detail of Amida Sanzon Zo. The statues were also exhibited in the "Treasures of Honen and Shinran", which was held at the National Museum in the fall of 2011.

There is a pattern made of clay called "Domon" on the clothing of Amida for decoration, which is so peculiar to Kamakura.

It is a good temple located in a quiet residential area. Please, look at the Amida Sanzon Zo.