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Joraku-ji is located at about fifteen minutes walk from Ofuna Station. It is a temple of Rinzai-school, Kencho-ji branch. It has beautiful trees and plants in its precincts. Most of Zen temples have a beautiful garden.

It was built before Kencho-ji, and Rankei Doryu, who is a founder of Kencho-ji was a Sangha of Joraku-ji first. It is not famous because it is far from Kamakura city, but it is a good temple for visitor. It has thatching San mon (gate) looks like Gokuraku-ji's one.

In front of Butsu-den, there is a big stump of ginkgo. There is a garden at right side of Butsu-den, but closed to public. You can enjoy well manicured trees and beautiful view in its precincts.