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From Kamakura station west exit, about ten minutes walk toward Kita-Kamakura. You can find Eisho-ji nearby, and go to Kaizo-ji with more walk.

From entrance gate, you can go through visiting road to second gate. But inside of second gate is not open to public. you can see inside from the gate. There is a gorin-to (tower) which is said it is tomb of Hojo Masako in the cemetery at the back.

It is a temple that is quaint and is surrounded by greenery.

Jufuku-ji's precinct is designated as the national historic site. There is a large tree of juniper that is designated as the natural monument in front of the main hall.

Sat, 17/09/2011 - 10:34 - 鎌倉市の天然記念物に指定されています。
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