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Kencho-ji is located at the place to walk about 15 minutes from Kita-Kamakura Station toward Kamakura. From Kamakura Station, there is a bus.

Waking from Kita-Kamakura Station, there is a Tenka-mon, which is a gate outside. I thought this gate is Somon, but it's not. Passing this gate, there is a parking lot, and there is Somon at the other end of the parking lot. Tenka-mon has a plate which is written "天下禅林" (Ten-Ka-Zen-Rin). The name of Tenka-mon seems to be derived from this word. Ten-Ka-Zen-Rin means "Zen temple to seek to develop human resources world wide".

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Going throush the parking lot, there is Somon. This gate has a plate written "巨福山” (Ko-Fuku-San). Ko-Fuku-San measn "Temple to bring great fortune".

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Going inside, you need to pay an admission fee here. An arrangement of precinct is the same as the Engaku-ji, such as Somon, Sanmon, Butsuden, and Hatto are lined. Along both side of the line, there are Tatchu. There is a Bonsho (temple bell), which is a national treasure, at the right side of the Sanmon.

In the Hatto which is located at the behind of the Butsuden, there is a replica of ”Fasting Buddha" statue in the National Museum of Pakistan Lahore. The statue was given to Kencho-ji after exhibited at the Aichi Expo.

Going further, there are Kara-mon and Hojo. You can visit inside of Hojo. There is a beautiful garden at the back of the Hojo.

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