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Komyo-ji is also spacious, quiet and nice temple, which is located in Zaimokuza area. It is the place where going South down Komachi Ooji and turn to the left at just before Route 134. Going the road front of Komyo-ji, you can go Zushi Marina via Wakae-jima.

There is a large two-story Sanmon. Usually it is not opened to public, but can be seen during Ojuya, from 12 to 15 October, every year.

Passing the Sanmon, there is a Hondo (main hall), which is one of the largest in Kamakura. Also, you can see the beautiful garden from the corridor that connects Hondo and Kaizan-do.

I visited Ojuya 2012, the page below describes it.

Ojuya 2012