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It is a surprise that there is a quiet temple so widely but not far from Kamakura Station.

Myohonji's Sanmon is located north of Joei-ji. From Kamakura station, enter the side road of Kamakura Post Office, then go a little beyond the Namerikawa river.

Passing first gate and go visiting road, there is second gate, Niten-mon (Gate of two heavenly kings). The gate has two of four heavenly kings, Jikoku-ten and Tamon-ten, so called Niten-mon. Niten-mon just repaired and colored bright red. There is a Soshi-do (Founder's Hall), which is one of the largest wooden building in Kamakura. This hall is really big and impressive.

A cat lives around the hall. Many people takes pictures of the cat. You can see many pictures of the cat by google image search.

Main hall is not here, but is located at left side of the first gate.