Ojuya at Komyo-ji, 2012

I visited to Ojuya at Komyo-ji 2012. Ojuya is "Juya Hoyo", which is an event takes place in the temple of Jodo-shu.

The first Ojuya was held in 1495 at Komyo-ji. At Komyo-ji, it is held from night of 12 October to morning of 15 October, every year.

十夜法要 (Japanese)

I waked from Kamakura Station on the afternoon of the 14 October. When I arrived at Kuhon-ji, Neri Gyoretsu (procession) is just leaving. Neri Gyoretsu is marching of an officiating priest followed by other priests and children from Kuhon-ji to Komyo-ji.

Children were very cute dressed in pink costume. Some people blow a gagaku instruments which is Sho I think, and it made good atmosphere of Japanese elegance. Also some ladies were walking with singing and ringing bells.

It was simple and quiet rather than I expected before, and they were walking at the edge of the Komachi Ooji. On the other side, parents of children and onlookers with camera were walking.

I went to Sanmon of Komyo-ji to wait the Neri Gyoretsu coming. Because Sange are scattered from the top of the Sanmon, when Neri Gyoretsu reached the Sanmon. I got some Sange. It was easy to pick them up.

Officiating priest entered Hondo, then Hoyo started. I had watched the ceremony with standing in the back for a while. There was a guidance to explain the ceremony in each case according to the progress.

I have the honor of seeing the Sanmon, it is open to public only for the duration of the Ojuya. View from the second floor of the Sanmon was good to see Zaimokuza sea. On the roof of the first floor, there were a lot of Sange.

I saw the garden from the hallway between Hondo and Kaizan-do. I could see shining Amida Nyorai in the window of Taishokaku, which was opened.