Opening to public of Jufuku-ji's precincts

Jufuji-ji's precincts is usually closed. You can only look in from the gate of the temple. It is opened to public during Golden Week (holidaies in May) and New Year, then I went there in May, 2013.

It is a season of beautiful green. Jufuku-ji's approach and precincts are also full of green. It is not so crowded, but people are coming there all the time. Some rickshaws for Kamakura visitors are also visited there.

There are a large juniper trees in the precincts. One is able to be seen from the gate that is in front of the Butsuden, and I found other tree junipers, two are located at both sides of the gate and one is located at the right of the Butsuden. A garden which besides the precincts is closed. I can see Sho-ro (bell tower) at the right side of the garden.

You can't enter in the Butsuden, but can see statue of Shaka-Nyorai and large statues of Nio at the both sides of it.