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Reiko-ji is located 15 minutes walking from Shichirigahama Station of Enoden. It is far from Ryuko-ji and Katase-Hakka-ji group around Koshigoe Station, and temples around Kamakura Station. Reiko-ji was built near the pond where Nichiren prayed rain.

Going left from Shichirigahama Station, there is Yukiai river and Yukiai bridge. Yukiai bridge was named from the fact that messenger who came from Ryunokuchi to inform execution of Nichiren couldn't be done due to thunderstorm, and another messenger from Kamakura shogunate to inform the order of stop execution met here. Route 134 also passes the bridge over Yukiai river and it also called Yukiai bridge.

Sat, 26/01/2013 - 14:09 - 七里ヶ浜 - 行合橋(江ノ電のそば) c七里ヶ浜 - 行合橋(江ノ電のそば)

Across the bridge and going left to cross the Enoden, walking a while, then there is Reiko-ji and the pond. It is hard to find the entrance to the Sanmon of Reiko-ji. I found the pond first and enter Reiko-ji from a small side gate which faced the pond.

Going up the stairs, you can find the statue of Nichiren Shonin and stone pagoda which has characters of "日蓮大菩薩祈雨之旧跡也" (place where Nichiren prayed rain). This stone pagoda was found at here, then the statue of Nichiren Shonin and Hondo was built here. It is the beginning of the Reiko-ji.