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Nichiren wrote "Rissho-ankoku-ron", then Kamakura shogunate took him to Ryu-no-kuchi to execute. Execution was stopped. It is called "Ryu-no-kuchi Honan". Ryuko-ji was built at the place where was the place of execution.

Ryuko-ji is located near Enoshima Station of Enoden. Going through the Niou-mon, then up the stairs, entering through Sanmon, it is a large temple inside. You can see a large Hon-do (main hall). Hearing the sound of bell, I wonder why, it is possible for visitor to ring the bell at the bell tower right side.

There is a five-story pagoda (Goju no Tou) in the back right of the main hall. Wooden five-story pagoda is the only one in Kanagawa.

There is a hall dedicated to the Sichimen Daimyojin at the back left of the main hall. I have often seen the shrine in the temple.

Climbing further, at the top of the mountain, there is a stupa, which is white and the top of tower is shining gold. From the tower, You can see beautiful sea of Enoshima.