Shomyo-ji and Imaizumi-fudo

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Shomyo-ji and Imaizumi-fudo is located near Imaizumi-fudo Bus Stop, which is 20 minutes from Ofuna Station. It is just back side of Kita-Kamakura station, but there is a hill between Kita-Kamakura and Imaizumi, so they're using Ōfuna Station.

It is inconvenient place and Shomyo-ji and Imaizumi-fudo is not so big temple, so there are few people to go there. I don't recommend specially to go, but if you have a chance to go Sanzaigaike (aka Kamakura-ko), it is good idea to go Shomyo-ji and Imaizumi-fudo.

Going up the hill and entering the precinct, there is statue of Seishimaru, it is a childhood name of Honen Shonin who opened Jodo-shu.

Passing the Hondo which is in the renovation, going up the stairs, there is Imaizumi-fudo. If you're going down to right side, there is waterfall named Onmyo no taki. There are two falls, which are greater than expected.

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Back from waterfalls, going up the stairs covered with moss, there is Imaizumi-fudo. There is statue of thirty-six children and Dainiti-Nyorai.

There are many attractions and quiet and nice place.