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Going into the country side on the road which goes right side of Kamakura Gu, there is Zuisen-ji. Precincts are large and rich in natural, and blooming flowers are very nice. Few tourists come here because it's far from town.

Precincts is designated a national historic site.

There is a garden in the back of the main hall, which is work of founder, Muso Kokushi. It is hard to see the gardens of the Kamakura period.

Jizo called "Dokomo ku jizo" is enshrined in Jizo-do. The Jizo-do was located in Oogigayatsu before. When Domori (jizo-do keeper) tried to escape due to his poverty, Jizo appeared in a dream and said to him, "everywhere, everywhere" (The world is painful everywhere). Then name of Dokomo ku jizo is derived from this story. "Dokomo ku" means that everywhere painful.