円覚寺 - 方丈

円覚寺 - 方丈

There is Somon of Engaku-ji just in front of the Kita-Kamakura Station. In the very large precincts, there is Sanmon, Butsuden (Main hall), and a lot of Tatchu. Tatchu is child small hall of the temple.

Enkaku-ji was built for the remembrance of the war dead of Mongol invasion by Hojo Tokimune, who is the eighth regent of Kamakura Shogunate. Kencho-ji was built by Hojo Tokiyori, who is the father of Tokimune.

Up the stairs from the street side of the Yokosuka Line, enter the Somon. Paying the admission fee here, and you will see great Sanmon.

There is a guide map of the Engaku-ji on your left side. There are many places to look, you may waver where you go first. Many tourists come here. But they seem not to go to Ryuin-an, for example.

I created other pages for Tatchu and other halls of Engaku-ji.



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