Exiting Kamakura Station to Route 21, and walking 10 minutes toward Kamakura, Jochi-ji is located near crossing Route 21 towards Kencho-ji across Yokosuka Line.

Jochi-ji is a nice temple surrounded by nature. There are many temples that feel like this in the Kita Kamakura area. Going up a side road of Jochi-ji, you can go to Genjiyama, further Zeniarai Benten, and Daibutsu.

There is a plate that says “寶所在近” (treasure located near) at Somon. It is in a sense like, “go one step more, treasures are near”. It is a little different from the meaning of “bluebird lives close to you”.

Going upstairs, there is a Sanmon. This Sanmon is formed unusually, the second floor of Sanmon is a bell tower.

Turning right at the corner of Butsuden, there is a large garden. You can walk around the garden. Mountains and high trees are surrounding the garden. There is also a bamboo forest. It is a nice garden feels relaxed.

There is a cave which is dedicated to Hotei (Budai). This Hotei is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Kamakura and Enoshima. It is written, “Please touch Hotei’s stomach”, so Hotei’s stomach has been black because everyone touched it.

Jochi-ji is designated as a national historic site.



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